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Development by Alex
April 14, 2016, 2:05 am
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

Sorry for the late upload.


I am thinking if the structure could be organized by the state of land ownership/ condition, the main core could be arranged in:

Level 1(Ground): The Condition of Land at the Moment

Level 2: The Data of Land Surveying + The resources that could be imported from Global

Level 3: The Result after negotiation/ discussion

Each level will link to the corresponding function, where people could see from the top level to the ground the overlaying of land at the moment, the possible future and the future agreed by different parties.

The main core cluster with viewing platforms will be inside an envelope, which allows people (inside the structure or looking at the structure from outside) to re-experience the development of the hinterland. I want to apply the concept of a museum, but inside out, the exhibits will be the urban context surrounding the structure.
The two sides of the envelope will be projected data about land development. (TS, I was thinking if the atmosphere inside the envelope could be a medium for projection, such as fog…). Setting at the edge of the city, the structure allows people to see the future of the hinterland, but not the end.

As the creature moves along the coastal line, it will leave a footprint (a small chamber for locals, which includes the decision of land after negotiation)

Explode Idea 1-01.png


The main idea of TS is about projecting Data on different materials. Instead of seeing data through a digital screen like AR, I explored if the screen could be part of an architecture with the context as the background.
I tried using water as the screen, but it does not have an obvious result, due to the water pressure.
I also tried if data could be projected on air/ fog (different state of water), and attached a trial video. The video showed a projection on fog in different level of brightness (daytime/ nighttime). I will improve this by having more control of the direction of the fog or making it cold to be denser.
I am thinking a final prototype that relates to the studio design.

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Hi Alex,

Very nice to see the development! The prototype and project definitely moving on the right direction. Do you know Miniforms work Memory Cloud? The link is below, it may be a good inspiration.

At the moment how is ground condition? What happens on the ground? I am at the office today and Monday in case you want to come over to discuss it, the TS could be pretty incredible if you managed to:
1- Construct a prototype and film it. (so we can play the video of it in the TS final), plus see the photos
2- work out the strategy of what is projected on it, drawings, updated models of the land or existing buildings under threat by raising sea levels.

Push it really hard in the next days, it can be great. And let me know about our chat, a tutorial now may help you set in work mode till the end.

Comment by tutor

Hi Ricardo,

I would like to come today. I am seeing Kenny at 3:40
Will you be at the office after 4?
I will come directly afterwards.

Thank you,

Comment by Alex


Comment by tutor

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