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Updated Version of Text by Alex
April 16, 2016, 5:24 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

Here is my updated version of text. I am not so sure about the title yet, but instead of Land Bank, The Cocoon of Land could be applied to give a new life to land.

Thank you,

The Cocoon of Land

“ The land is dying…

The hinterland along the coastal line of Chittagong used to be crowded and noisy. Same as here, factories, markets, food stores, all were filled with people, who work in the port and the area behind.

Until the port become automatic, most of the workers, including me, were replaced by machine. The warehouses, factories, markets, food stores had been abandoned.  The town became a ghost town.

One day, at the edge of the city, a creature moved from the direction of upstream and stopped by. It looks like a cocoon, which is a bit larger than 4 launch boats, we could not see through inside. My neighbors and me were curious about it and leave our flats, crossing the abandoned area to see what’s going on.

A team of men dressing in white lab coat stepped out from this giant cocoon. Some of them were holding a long stick with three legs at one end, and a black box at the other. Suddenly, one of the men in white walked by and invited us to aboard the creature…”

The cocoon has a core, chambers of research facilities and negotiation platform.
Every steps it moves forwards, it eats the information of land. Land surveyors, Building surveyors, Boundary Surveyors, Underground Surveyors, Location Surveyors and Topographic Surveyors walk out of the creature and scan the hinterland in a great detail.

Chewing and digesting the land information, the cocoon also absorbs the data of imported resources from the port, which could improve the hinterland. After processing the data by experts in geographic, climate changing, urban planning, the possible future of the land will be displayed  in the core.

The core stores the whole structure of the land and has three main levels showing the state: 1. present, 2. the possible future after processing  and 3.the result after negotiation/ discussion. It is a zone for the locals to re-experience their land, the land ownership being clarified and organised, and negotiation between different parties: Land Developers/ Foreign investors, the government, experts and, local communities.


“… we saw the government officers were inside the cocoon too, and we expressed the hope of giving a new life to our ghost town.

An evening after several weeks…
I heard strange mechanical sounds coming from the cocoon, so I squeezed out of the window to look.

The cocoon was opening and transforming. I could see the structure inside and a cloud of smoke rises between the petals of the cocoon. Some images appeared slowly inside the cloud…’’

The Cocoon of Land is refreshing the dying land. It redefines the direction of the future of land with a balance between the desire of locals, investors and the land itself.






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Here is the single projector on Multi-Layered Display that I was talking about on Friday.

Comment by Alex

Comment by Alex

Thanks for the post Alex,

As discussed on Friday the text help us to check where you are now in terms of ideas and clarity.

a few comments:

1- The section on the text is evocative, but on the drawings it has very little development. Specifically the section where you can evolve the programme spatial configuration in relation to the functions and visibility from ground.
2- The current model of projection utilize fog, water or sheets? If the water is part of the process it maybe related to how the water is drained or have a function to be splash out on site again and there is where the projections occur. Just an idea, but just go with what suits you best.
3- For TS are thinking to build a prototype? Film?
4- The text got better but at the time the port de-humanization of machination is kind of a double fiction, simply because you use the port tendency to be informatisized as a potential to set up the port project/threshold between hinterland anf mechanized international landscape. But at the same time that is sort of left behind (the port information based as the core to the project). Maybe you can use that to relate more and more to the Digital 21 project: how informatization can occur as a mobile empowerment of the threaten coast of bangladesh. a mobile network, instead of print asphalt (like int he last site we visited where they want to construct a ring highway around chittagong) this would create a infrastructure of land survey as the first step, also as a sensus of the desapearing land, archiving of that land and lastly as a hug/port for the mitigation of the effects of raising sea levels by digitally spreading ways to leave with water (?) and by creating a database system that monitor the evolve the coast receding conditions. Again just a suggestion, maybe the project just does two of those. But on the text the project main purpose and methods can be better explained.
5- Based on point 4 would the project set up a website or method to vizualize the constant upload of images, or what is projected on the fog/water/textile? This can be developed later.
For now the section and the TS are total priority.

Good luck!

Comment by tutor

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