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by jouyuhuang
April 20, 2016, 11:14 am
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

I’m so sorry for the very last post, below are the new designs of the three modules and plan and section in progress. The three modules are now – living, recycling, and infrastructural. Living modules are carried by three electrical rickshaws, recycling-three regular rickshaws, and infrstructural – a mini bus. The fist line drawing diagrams is a perspective section of them. Two living module can connect to the infrastructural module, and only at the side where the water point and kitchen is located, while the recycling module connects to it from the top (slotting in according to the rail) and connect to only the maerket area. The recycling modules can also connect within themselves to sort categorize material before heading to markets. The two references images are by C J Lim and Maya, The style of the section i am working towards is the explosive effect of the cut out parts and the colour scheme is taken reference from Maya. I am applying sketch and toon affetcs over the plan.

The black image is a rough composition of the plan, and the last image is the colours I am working towards on the plan.

Following is the text

Before the river has flooded the slums, we never see these people. I mean, we know the rickshaw riders live there, but that’s about it; I would never visit there. Now with the evolved rickshaw, like metallic Frankenstein of Sorts; the street is a lot more crowded but surprisingly more convenient for people such as housewives like me. After the flood, more people moved around and the amount of people travelling on the street doubled! Even though, these tall *structures* travels while transporting people and offers public spaces to original city residence like me. There are three types of those structures, one is the tall thin one called @@@@@ that comes around to pick up recycling wastes, another small fish looking one is apparently where those people now live, and lastly which is my favorite, the #####. Every morning I would wake up and upload a picture of the waste that needs to be taken away, and the rickshaw society will then analyze the data and send the @@@@@@by. The recycler could pick up the waste directly from our windows. I don’t even need to leave the flat! After that, I will start preparing breakfast for my husband before he goes to work. Looking through the kitchen window, the #### starts to connect with one another, that’s when the interesting part of a day starts! The ‘Sky Market’ which is on the top floor of the #### are always the first to open. I will reach out of the window to buy the freshest products or materials depending on my need. Later on, it’s time to drive my girls to school. Now the streets has become more than just cars. Volumes of the three types of rickshaw units connects to one another with their logic, and now the two sides of the street from mid-air is connected. There is also a particular combination of the @@@@@@, creating the ‘Network of Conversion‘. This is where events like recycling happens, and you are able to actually see these people recycling when you drive pass them! Now here comes my favorite part, when the fish like living modules connects to the ####, it means that the Restaurants on the first floor are opening. I would always go to the ‘Mall of Convention’ around lunch to have some amazing homemade kebab and then up to the sky market to see if there are some new clothing. The ‘Mall of Convention’ has different sizes and forms when its situated in different places, like the one on the intersection of Banani Bridge and Road 34 is joined by five modules, but the one in the roundabout has ten and it turns along to the cross road. The smaller it is the more basic it is, for the bigger one they have spaces like public gardens on top. If the #### is only connected with the living places of the rickshaw people, it doesn’t become a public space. After a long day, at ten o’clock sharp, the sound of good night bell will rise from the street. It is like a reminder for us that it’s time for the girls to go to bed. Actually I think the sound might be the ***** disconnecting and returning to modules. Once I left home after the alarm and realized the structures all disappeared from where they stood in the morning shattering around in the city becoming smaller combinations, changing the night skyline of Dhaka.

I am really sorry for the late post, the proper drafts will definitely be ready for Friday.



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Hi Nelly,

Thanks for the post. it is a good push on the text and project front since we last met. Below a few comments:

1- Generally speaking it would be good if you could talk to Gilles from TS about the environmental strategy, or Christina from TS. They could bring some interesting practical and creative ideas to how rubbish can be sorted and traded in spaces. Try to book a meeting with them asap and have the drawings ready and printed to show them.

2- The images have a lot of potential, but at the moment is a little hard to extract what is really happening, since they are small and the text and the images are not in sync yet. Make sure that they have a legibility in terms of components using colour and material or use differentiation to also identify on the ground where people can go and find their ‘pairs’ to work with.

3- Definitely good to use vehicles as part of the strategy, since weight and reality was not in check on the project before. How would the traffic in dhaka looks like? The context of your renders is not specific, we know is a draft, but define a strategy on how you want to explore the context. Should we only read the context by the frame of the rickshaw? Would we understand the city not as what is framing the street (as you have on the bottom rendering now), but the opposite. In practical terms that means only that you can continue your work but being a lot sharper about the context, portrait at the moment as a extruded white cube…

4- The references are good, but also make sure the colour and form can learn from local culture or practices as specifically detailed on the text (fishes to tea breaks, spring flower to monsoon rituals). Make it more bespoke, customise. But be efficient for now and just set up the basic differentiations described on the text in a more atmospheric, material and spatial way.

Good luck!

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