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Draft by mariabessarabova
April 20, 2016, 11:12 am
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Dear Ricardo and Nannette,

Sorry for the late post.During the break I have been working on the design of spheres, the inner cores and the facades. I have 3 more spheres to develop, but I am aware of what direction to choose when working with them. I am having troubles with the Cinema 4D, especially the rendering setting, the section posted was done there. Once I finish with the rhino model completely, hopefully by friday, I will re-render with the surroundings and print it to show.

The ones’s you can see are the rice/fish farm done in a spiral with an inner spherical carcas. The top one is the Green Gardens. The cuts in the spheres and the slanted floors are allowing the maximum surface and sunlight usage. The far back sphere is communal housing. The left one in the section is a factory/kitchen.


Women have stopped crying.
Through the narrow cracks of the translucent material the streams of light hit the inner guts of the protective shell. It has always been uncertain of what lies behind the fabric walls of the camp for the men of Dhaka. The excessive yet muted sound of the working machines and the children’s laughter becomes the only trace of life present in the asylum. Eight spheres fused together located in the centre of the capital rise rejected from the grounds, casting shadows upon the street giving a momentary protection for the public buses caught up in the traffic. The solidified pieces of left over cloths lay scattered around the site. Thirty women live here.
The intense smell of the vegetation comes from the biggest orb. These are the gardens made by the widowed women. Crops of every single plant found in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Myanmar have their own sectors. The temperature and the humidity is personally adjusted for each flower and tree inside the specialised glass box. This has always reminded Sumi of the terrariums in the National Bangladesh Zoo which she visited when she was a child almost 7 years ago.
Sumi’s family was forced to move to Dhaka. After the passing of her father the inherited land where the rice was growing began to get flooded. It wasn’t often that the waters reached the first floor of their old wooden house but for the plants it was a deadly execution every time. Leaving behind many memorable things in the search of a new home Sumi always kept the belongings of her dad, some photos and written by hand letters. Now they are hanging in their unit. In this unit almost everything is hanging, not to mention the unit itself. The fabric sphere hosts a family of four. The walls get stretched to fulfil the needs of everyone but it seems never to be enough. Privacy is a luxury in the communal housing, but it never was an inconvenience.



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Thanks for the post Maria.

It is good to see the progress, the text for sure has become simpler and more direct, what help us tremendously to understand what you are proposing.

A few comments to help you carry on the work:

1- The interior seems a bit heavy, not sure if it is the render only, The top ones look very solid (look at point number 2). It is important that you can follow a certain architectural principle on the use of material, circulation, meeting areas. That will help you organise and identify places with more consistency. Again we are just commenting on what we looking at the blog. But is the strategy of the interior to be light and fuzzy or solid and defined? All those aspirations could be translated into your form internally and sizes and location of furniture/equipment, but maybe they need to be first organized in a bullet point: my deign principles + how they become design decisions.

2- Speak with one TS tutor about getting some structural feedback on how it could work. Should you consider their structure independently (most likely not), or they can can unload on each other somehow. On the second option the spheres are less independent objects only the beginning of the design process to get to the amalgamation of form that is your final output. Meaning that they are not gonna go rolling out if people have a fight, or be moved, but they form a intricate lock that maybe even be able to assimilate others. So maybe the number 8 is a certain stage of development. Up to you, but it is crucial to book a meeting with a good TS tutor.

3- Ground relationship, design: make sure that the ground does not only become the place for the spheres to seat upon. How can this place position activities on the ground that are first for their nurture and benefit, but also to open up to other people and locals that may be interested to talk, buy, discuss, help. The ground is the place of meeting the stranger or isolating itself. The second option is dangerous because it alienates everyone, people may stigmatize them or even confront? Use the ground with cavities, or little mounts, in a master plan that enables infiltration of people without the fear of invasion. How can land be used as a connection rather than a pure separation or statement of ownership.

4- For next week also develop a paragraph on why spheres an interesting form for you. Not only from the practical point of view, but also the imaginative point of view. How an architecture of new beginnings should break with the past (in this case the form of the places they live, not necessarily their culture) ? In what parts the the design offers not only continuation but also radical new beginnings? And then you can explain architecture how you have imagined the project.

5- About the C4D RENDER did you see tutorials online? What are your references for images? How would your to look like? Any reference from art, film, architecture?

Good luck and see you tomorrow!!

Comment by tutor

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