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TS video Progress by natpradere
April 20, 2016, 12:59 pm
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Ricardo and Nannette

Here is the TS video that will go with the portfolio. It has Realflow analyses and the machine studies for sand formation. I am currently working on the perspectives for the 3 land types that I have selected from the forms that resulted from the machine that I made.

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Very interesting video!! Of course a few things can be better, but we can talk about it later.

A few questions, comments:

1- Please it is very important that you have an overall diagram and drawing (section) explaining the how the architecture overall strategy absorbs those moments on the video.

2- How can you translate what is show on the experiment in land formation or architecture? Would that be the form of the islands? To what extent that is a positive, beneficial for the land creation/people use/ or environment siltation? (creative is super interesting, but as a proposal where it does it stand?)

3- Did the architecture evolved also during the break? It is very important for both TS and unit that the design of the inhabitation relates and demonstrates the benefits of the TS.

4- Small comments: the lines on the video are sometimes leading to nowhere, also the text is a bit fast and the images lined up a bit low res, rushed. Overall it is super helpful and inspiring, but if you sharpened up with all the comments above it can be a great knock out, bring the resulting, the architecture/land outputs and how that is a good space,efficient or positive.

See you tomorrow!

Comment by tutor

I’m working on a very detailed section now. The video will end with the section of the land formation progression to show how this mechanism will lead to a final design!

Comment by natpradere

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