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Development of Soil Chamber by ignatioputra
May 15, 2016, 2:38 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette

For the soil chamber as discussed previously there is an idea of the myth (dream) and the reality (soil as a function) that emerged from the soil

After tutorial with Nannette I decided to develop the circulation path of the soil chamber. It is still circular as discussed but I given undulation towards the top in which on the top level of the central axis of the circle a platform passes through the central hanging soil.

Here the idea is part of the ritual nature and pilgrimage, people pass through this hanging soil will be able to see the soil in section, touch them as well as smell the soil. The act is similar to touching the statue of Gods in religious rite and pilgrimage as prayer and respect. the configuration axis  of the path also follow similar to places of religion.

As for the function of the soil. I have divided the soil into 4 types in the diagram based on the color. Soil scientist states that the color of soil will indicates the condition of the soil subjected to. This I have discussed with Nannette in the previous tutorial such as red soil comes from slash and burn cultivation indicated by the high content of oxygen, grey soil indicates soil that is constantly wet and this is linked to where the area of the Jumma land that got submerged underwater because of the creation of Kaptai Dam. White soil indicates infertile soil, meaning the land has been cleared out for other purposes such as military camps, etc that neglect the land condition. And Black soil indicates soil with very high organic content which normally comes from the forest of Chittagong Hill tract. Each soil are tagged with images of memories which will feed into the dream that is being projected. As discussed before the more people spend their time on a particular soil on the ground the more of these memories will be feed in into the dream projection.

The next diagram shows the different type of plant on the different type of soil. These plants are 4 out of 11 medicinal plant of Chittagong Hill tract that currently is being researched on in bangladesh due to their value. I chose the 4 because of their size (considering the soil hole size) as well as their respective needs of different type of soil. The idea is that the soil are being used also for the development of these plants. once the soil and the plant reach a certain maturity level, people can take these soil back with them and to cultivate it into their own land (this is the idea of fertility and regeneration of the land. The empty soil hole will then be refilled again with soil from different lands of Chittagong Hill Tract.

Added note: On the diagram you see a projection holographic image of the plant on top of the soil. This I thought would be an addition of the idea of projection where the soil in which the plant had yet to grow on it could have this holographic projection above them so people now what type of soil are they even before the plant grows. What do you think of this idea? or is this too much?

Thank you

(note: the amount of plants on the diagram are sparse so that it easier to read the interior, in actuality all the soils will be used)


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