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Tuesday 17th pre-crit tutorial by tutor
May 16, 2016, 11:54 am
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As the FINAL CRIT on the 20th (Friday) quickly approaches here are a few requests, tips and points to consider:

– Focus on the final project. Use the final project brief (that you put together) to progress the ideas. Start the presentation stating what your project is and then explain from problematic (social, environmental, technological, urban) , context (site, architectural references, design ambition/what you want to achieve with your project) to design (what have you designed that discusses the main points) the way your approached this year.

– Do a wall layout draft including positioning of drawings/models and  bring it tomorrow for discussion. On Friday 20th we will pin up on the rear presentation room, near the patio upstairs.

– Avoid reading the presentation, but work on the text to help you explain it. Start with a paragraph that explains the core of the proposal and what it discusses (as on the first point above). Bring the text printed tomorrow (including project title, site, program, user and key words highlighted at the beginning)

– What about land? What about apocalypse? What about myth? By now you have read, discussed and changed your mind a few times in the last 6 months. Now it is time to turn some of those references into your own interpretation. Synthesize it into your project. Avoid being heavy handed or trying to pack it all in. Instead think what have you learn about it, what was useful. Did you make any parallels with Bangladesh, context, design? How have your project utilizes, spatiallized or commented on some of those points? What have you learn from the subject(s)?

-Add north, scale and use colours consistently on your drawings. Make sure you know the key dimensions of the architecture and put people on the right size in your sections/plans/renderings.

Tuesday 17th Tutorial will be in groups again, make sure you bring your documents printed. Please do not change the order, as it exists for a reason.

The groups are:

10:00 – Alex, Mikolaj, Anna

11:30 – Zak, Ignatio, Tiffany

14:00 – Nelly, Federico, Natacha

15:30 – Maria, Caterina, Guy, Luca (tbc)

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