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a key sheet at the beginning by ignatioputra
June 5, 2016, 10:40 am
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Hello Ricardo and Nanette,

as discussed previously I tried to synthesise the key theme of my project using this sheet, below are  part of my presentation. this sheet will be at the beginning before I explain my project, and after the end of my presentation I would like to reiterate it again

(Aboriginal and Australian map) These are two maps of the same land Australia, one by aboriginal people called ngurara canvas the other is colonial map by European economics. Of what we see, land has multiple meaning for different cultures, one here is in the eye of the indigenous people the other in the eye of European economic. One talk about ancestor life, memories, paths and events the other talk about territory, trade, and barrier. Sometime we see these as two separate entity. However, we realised that both are part of the land. My key theme talks about when one meets the other this one plus this one equals 3. Meaning there is a third nature or third entity that appears as a result of the interaction between the two and not just black and white one or the other. From what I learned I believe that architecture has a role as mediator that allows interpretation of this third nature that may be able to bring forward a new narrative, imagination or decision in the land.

Sorry for this last minute post


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