AA Inter 3

Notes for the Crit on the 4th by tutor
October 31, 2016, 4:13 pm
Filed under: 2016-17

For the crit on the 04th of November please see below a few bullet points of what we expect to see. You can do more of course, but they are just what we expect in order to get the conversation going:

  • Main drawing approximately A1 size (it can have bespoke sizes, but just to keep the level of ambition and resolution to a certain level we are using A1 as a general guide)
  • (02/03 A2)Drawings, sketches of the A1 drawing development
  • Glossary, printed and some samples on the wall
  • (03 A2 sheets) case study of future conditions properly layout and printed on A2 size (focus on the one category you are exploring more/future city/tech/interface/art/film)
  • 200 words text printed (02 copies) with your name and title of your drawing so far. On the text please explain: what are you interest in investigating on speculative land futures, mention one reference, how you are pursuing that agenda on your main drawing and what you want to explore as your next step (reading, concept, making, technics)
  • Any other work you find suitable to explain your interests so far.

The Crit will be in Pin up format.

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