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For Tuesday to do list by tutor
November 19, 2016, 7:43 pm
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As mentioned yesterday, we will continue developing our ideas of compositions of land futures taking into consideration your findings about subjects in Indonesia. 

We will be making models and filming them, adding after effects (or similar) video editing softwares to narrate the model and its subjects. This piece will be developed in the coming weeks and will also continue to add footage of our visit in Indonesia (perhaps you would like to interview someone there or add footage from drones or your own phone). It Will be a working in progress but we have to Start somewhere and here is how. 

What to bring for Tuesday tutorial:

-Three ideias of what could you Model and video would like to explore. Again this should be based on your current research and how you want to evolve it. Consider elements of architecture, city and land that can help focus your ideas.

– find references of videos (film, animation, documentary, art, science) that you enjoy and how you would like to take inspiration from it. Analyse it graphically, explain what you find important in it.

– Create a draft script of what your model composition and video could be. (The video will have a max duration of 1.5 minutes). The script should be general for now explaining in simple sketch storyboard five moments that you would like to have. Even though you may not know all elements consider the ones you know you would like to work with at this moment.

– evolve the research from the 10 page research of Indonesia specially the final diagram and general layout. Although the layout has generally improved sometimes it still basic.

Look forward to see you all on Tuesday!

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