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Bio-Salon by tutor
November 29, 2016, 9:45 am
Filed under: 2016-17

For the ones interested I will take part in a short presentation tomorrow/Wednesday discussing my/ours approach to the thematic of nature/environment and architecture.

Info below:

The conversation will stem from an attempt to gather a non-anthropocentric perspective, debating the blurred distinction between nature and artifice, landscape and city and ultimately the biosphere and the contemporary urbansphere.

Trough the work of the invited guests we will look at the world from the renewed perspective of macro-scale satellite monitoring, reveling planetary infrastructures, as well as the micro-scale of fundamental cellular organization.

How can this trans-scalar journey provide an analogue model of the future bio-city? Can this form of analogy enable a re-interpretation of the contemporary urbanity?

The BioSalon will be structured as a conversation between architects, artists, microbiologist and theorists: Ricardo De Ostos, Simon Park, Marco Poletto, Melissa Sterry and Emmanouil Zaroukas. The event is curated and moderated by Claudia Pasquero, ADAPT-r fellow.

link here


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