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Thursday 15th Crit Inter 3 by tutor
December 14, 2016, 9:15 pm
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Final crit is upon us! 

Let’s all meet up tomorrow Thursday the 15th at the unit space at 9:00am. We have a lot of work to do in order to organise the unit space (through rubbish away, tide it up, arrange model table, presentation table, TVs/test, clean space, move partition walls). So we so need everyone to make it happen. We count with you.

Specifically tomorrow will be table crit where we discuss your work showing your video/model, but also your terms work. A few points:

-Please make sure you are able to articulate what you are interested. Have text that help you structure your term 01 and your interest (please do not read the text on presentation, just a tool)

– organise and arrange your work so there is a progression on the presentation based on your key questioning. 

– How would you start your presentation? Do not take that for granted. State clearly what you are studying. Short and personal and progress from there. 

– if you start with the video or not, make sure you have stills of it printed and also the model there to show.

– have your work arranged in sequence in sheets to enable a clear reading (similar size paper, etc). Bring composition, glossary, Indonesia research. Do not only show it, but present it. 

– tomorrow you will show a draft of the video and its final submission will be in January. So there is room for progress and improvement. State what you want to improve and how you want to use the unit trip to collect footage or interviews for example. Or improve your tecnical skills.

– finish your presentation with a point about how you want to progress your work on the break and how you want to research Indonesia in 2 weeks. Any specific site of interest? People, places, food, elements to collect? 

– sleep and rest, there is nothing worst than work hard and feeling frustrated because of lack of sleep. 

We look forward to see you all at 9:00 at the Inter 3 unit space!

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