AA Inter 3

by marthastuart
February 18, 2017, 2:24 pm
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Thanks for the text hunter,

As mentioned before the other text posted below explains well the project background, this one text (here) feels more like an structural layout of the argument.

In order to push now what the project design, the last text point (G) needs to be explored and prepared to be discussed in the upcoming crit:
1- We recommend you to write that/expand the last paragraph as first priority. To what extent practical elements guide your proposal (typological or formal deformations/transformations of the actual long house), in relation to your chosen site? Could you write/speculate about it? To what extent its political urban existence connect/disconnect. enhances, blur or stop the current view of the site (power, politics, but also intense car circulation)?

2- After writing the text focus on the diagramatic depiction of that, making 2d explanation of what you pick from your own text/speculation. It is important to have the design argument at least suggested in the crit for a more focus conversation.

There is a positive suggestive structure of how to work on the project (drawing scales, schedule), but for now focus on the work itself in order to explore this beautiful and provocative thematic in your own design terms.
Good luck!

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