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by andylin
February 18, 2017, 5:33 pm
Filed under: 2016-17

Ghost Lake is a new social platform that uses the mechanism of real-time civic data analysis to provide opportunities for the communities in the area of Waduk Pluit and Muara Baru on speculating the future city. In 2013, after a series of evictions of the kampung at the shore of Lake Waduk Pluit and the decision of building walls and gates surrounding the rich community, the social division in the region has become even more significant. The promised social housings as alternative plans for the evicted people did not work due to the inequality of housing distribution and the ignorance to the community’s existing social mechanism. The project of the ghost lake had the intention of bringing up the awareness of social discrepancy and neutralizing social contrast, thereby providing new possibilities of social interaction. The mega floating structure built on the lake is the bridge that makes the lake no longer a tool of social separation. With several huge gates as the entrances to the speculative realm that filters personal information of the visitors, inside the ghost lake a new social identity is given based on the person’s contribution to the simulation. The ghost lake is not just a data centre, but also the platform that empowers people in the participation of decision making in the context of land development. Real-time data is input as a collective consciousness, allowing each individual in the community to take part in the decision making process which is fundamental of future land simulations. After passing through certain criteria, the successful digital simulation will eventually be built on the land surround the area with the credit of the ghost lake as developer.

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Hi Andy,

It is great to see a lot more clarity on the project scope. On the design scope please advance the idea of what is on the water. Would servers in form of columns be present? would cooling mechanism create fog, or would the sunset and sunrise be the dividers of the project (practically AR is notoriously difficult to see during a busy and light background).

Are the gates (on water?) more of vertical piers? Would they enable people to float in this ghost lake amid visions of future jakarta from port/pier to port/pier?

– plus diagram what the text is talking about, in order to tell the story on the upcoming crit.

Carry on pushing, it is starting to be clearer and exciting!
Good luck!

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