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Divided Bodies, Bound by Knowledge by leonardlb
February 18, 2017, 6:23 pm
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Situated within the company Pt. Suka Jaya’s concession there lies the isolated village of Lubuk Kakap. Although the land beneath the village was given to them by the company (SJM), a sort of tension exists between both entities. On one side the Dayaks are confined to an invisible line, marking the limits of their freedom to the forest, on the other, SJM may fear the eventual expansion of Dayak territory due to a necessity for land to support the cultivation of cash crops, the primary source of income with which outside goods can be purchased to better their standard of living.

The Dayak have, within this new world of technological advancements and automation, held true to a few of their traditional practices such as the headhunting of urangutans. SJM, now having few employees due to a shift to a mechanical automated infrastructure has difficulty regulating the Dayaks, something needed to be done.

A solution proposed was the construction of a facility doubling as an education center and a hangar for the machines that now operate within the concession. The facility teaches base knowledge for any village people interested but also brings a certain degree of higher technical knowledge in the field of mechanics and biology, individuals choosing to continue their education towards a path of financial stability can learn the skills required to fix and repair machines and electronics, they may choose to work for SJM from that point in sustaining its machine infrastructure or they may leave to pursue a career else where. Those more interested in the nature and reconnecting with the forest have the option to study biology, botany does not have enough representation in Borneo and there is much room for the discovery of new species.

The hangar school not only acts as a marker for the edge of the protected forest, dividing the zone from the Dayaks, but also serves as a point of connection between the company and the village to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

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THanks Leo,

The text explored the problematic well. Now you need to:
1- Diagram that problematic in order to have that explained in the crit.

2- Articulate the difficulty of bringing skilled people to live in the forest to teach them about this extra skills. There is a big problem about bringing good teachers to remote areas. As a devils advocate question, wouldn’t be better to send them to pontianak to learn in an UNI? Or your proposal really wants to use the school to create a new notion of border? Explain more the practical problematics.

3- Which kind of spaces would that school have? Would external teachers stay there or in the village? How was that done before? You can do a breakdown of the spaces your project? How is the accumulation of these spaces? Is it height as trees? is it elongated? simple diagram like this:


More on the project itself then!
Good luck!

Comment by tutor

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