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February 18, 2017, 4:42 pm
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Thanks Moad,

Interesting set up. Now I think it is important to make that text clearer in terms of the design scope. Otherwise it runs the risk of being very hermetic and understood only by a handful of people before a looooong explanation of what and why and finally how’s. To avoid the crit to be that, please explain clearly what and how in the court room are you designing?

On the design scope:
– Define the scope of what is your court? Is it a scenographic and open/spread on the landscape version of it? What is your architectural reference to that?
– Spatially you are about to suggest a court re-design, what is it? Is like explored above (open/spread) or not? Draw the different versions and possibilities of it and their pro and cons.

The diagrams can be simple and clear as the example below (about position, intention, circulation):

Lets all understand what that could be. Develop it!

About the TS, I still feel that you have two connected themes that in fact are interconnected but practically two separate TS’s simply based on their complexity demand. One is the court apparatus and the other the land speculation. Try to flesh out more about how the first is needed to feed the second and how priority and TS structure (how is the TS booklet going? have you started the first chapter?) enables it to happen.

Super exciting project potential, but it demands more and continuous output from now on.
Good luck!

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