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February 19, 2017, 1:42 am
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The KMB (Kampung Muara Baru) is home to many individuals who are unemployed and are not able to pay rent. It faces dangers such as subsidence as it is an industrial area with factories that extract enough ground water to have the surrounding land sink around 25 cm each year. In addition, its dense placement of homes, leaves very little room for drainage and sewage.

Being the densest kampung in Keluraha Penjaringan, with around 20,000 in a 1 sqkm area, the site represents the inability of the local government to provide better housing and business opportunities for the people of Muara Baru, and it is in this premise that the project begins to understand that its solutions may lie in the relationship between the Waduk Pluit (manmade lake/swamp) and the Kampung people.

The project speculates on the future of the lake and how the KMB will avoid the dangerous water levels while creating an economy for themselves by floating and living with the changes in water levels. Can the kampungs sustain their ways of living while improving their livelihood by developing a new relationship ?

By using the algae that covers more than 75% of the surface of the lake, the area could potentially generate their own fuel and new trades through the cultivation of the lake. The energy generated could then be used to supply the kampung people and become independent from the rest of the city. With the land continually sinking it is only a matter of time before KMB will be completely inundated by water. The infrastructure that holds the people would adjust to the levels of the water through its floating platforms while reintegrating the sense of closeness and intimacy that exists in the kampungs. The new strucutures will be placed along the shore of the lake nearest to the kampungs to help the transition in populating the lake as a series of islands that line up as a secondary shore, to become a visible reminder of the kampung people of their resilience, persistence, and ability to adapt. The kampungs will develop and establish themselves as an important model for the rest of jakarta as a community of indestructable, energy efficient people that live with the water.

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The text explains the current thoughts is positively constructive.

A few points to consider:
– how can leave on the water connect to people in the kampung lifestyle? Is there something in tradition or situation (some are fisherman) or economical opportunity (change and include a new economy based on their own existing and threatened environment) ?
– what can you learn about their social organisation that you can apply to your design? Do they live and work in their houses or near area? Do women, man and children have different roles?
– it is important that yo do not repeat the same mistake of the daunting towers that people got moved to when relocated with copy and paste floor slabs and dark corridors and expensive rents. How can the design learn from people now and make it a sensitive and forward looking project?
– address those points in more detail on text and design diagrams.

– finally the text would benefit from a project reference, could you mention one project that inspire you to understand more about living on water or kampung design or tech and architecture? Explain briefly and prepare a sheet about it for the crit.

– all above in addition to what was discussed on Friday.
Good luck!

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