AA Inter 3

AA INTER 3 CRIT FRIDAY 24 by tutor
February 23, 2017, 8:47 pm
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Image: Palm Oil plantation, article source here

Finally the crit day is upon us. Friday 24th/ tomorrow the crit will take place in the AA lecture hall.

The crit will be a pin up, please lets all meet at 9:20am to prepare the room. If you do not come in time to help in the morning and be ready to start the presentation, you will not present tomorrow.

Make sure you can explain your progress on your current project but also include term 01 material. That is to illustrate and show your general interest and how possibilities to connect them may arise. It will be a pin up, so you are welcome to show your film or parts of it, show prints from the Book of Land (sorry for not have returned that yet), and the model too in case it is helpful. Having said that, please focus on constructing the scope of the project and the scope of the design. Tomorrows crit is to get feedback on your direction and initial design move in order to progress or leap frog into the full design phase (2nd years) and full design phase/TS phase (3rd year).

Make sure to explain the problematic, use the text written to guide the presentation. Introduce where and who your project is dealing with. Do not take for granted people know your site conditions. USE PHOTOGRAPHS YOU TOOK TO SHOW YOUR POINT TOO.

Look forward to see you all!

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