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Tutorial 09/05 by tutor
May 8, 2017, 11:31 am
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10 days to our final Crit!!!!! We have an incredible heavy weight group of guest critics already confirmed. So time to work double time and get on the final push mode.

Here a few things that we want to see tomorrow, apart from the material asked from previous tutorial:

–  Preview wall layout for the crit (we will be in the lecture Hall). What is your main piece(s)? You will need explanatory material, architectural references, photos of Indonesia visit, plans, sections, 3d section of your proposal, but also a couple of ambitious pieces that explore your idea, being a model composition and a large drawing. Those can be work in progress but needs to be in a good shape for the crit.

– Proper Drawings printed (please stop showing work only on screen and not in proper scale, we are in an architectural school). Many third years are late on the design production, with the design being just schematic and diagrammatic stage. That is not what we expect at Inter 3 at this stage – as we are a design unit. Make sure that we can read your spaces and we can understand where your resolution and detail will be (where do we enter, stay, meet, do activities?, how do the spaces look like??). Without that you will struggle on the crit next week.

The list:

10.00 Quiyu

10.30 Ran

11.00 Jay

11.30 Leo

12.00 Hunter

12.30 Juno

1.00 Moad


2.00 Erik

2.30 Chris

3.00 Andy

3.30 Shaeron

4.00 Elizabeth

4.30 Darya

Time to push hard!


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