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April 16, 2018, 7:29 pm
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Ornamental, dripping, playful, community

Due to significant aquifer depletion as a result of rising groundwater extraction, the traditional Newar step wells have largely dried up, leading to the rise in the need for deeper methods of extracting groundwater, most commonly seen in Newar courtyards in the form of diesel powered water pipes- and the rise of water privatization.

The site of the project is located in Mulpani district, an area with a significant influx of private housing developments, known as “housing colonies”, articulated as modular housing units that are mass replicated.

The developments pose a threat to the Newar relationship of the collection of water to social interaction because through the mass replication of housing units it eradicates the traditional values of the courtyard as a social space within the city.


The interior of the tower is a community centre with various public programs- such as a library, meeting, and working spaces with the intent of reintroducing the collection of water as a community space; whereas the outer region (towards the structure) is where the fog collecting membranes and circulation are contained.

On the ground floor, an amphitheatre is located underneath the structure, surrounding with wet, expanding and contracting water membranes for collecting water, bathing, and playing, encouraging people to interact with the tower (refer to sketches).

As water is collected through fog collecting membranes, it flows downwards through the ornamental pipes on the exterior into the membranes below, intended to glow and glisten through interactive lights which indicate to people within the community the availability of water for drinking, bathing, and playing; different shades of color indicate the number of people interacting with the tower thus establishing the tower as a demarcation of the city. [Reference Tom Wiscombe]


-Moving forward I need to model the membranes (I have had a bit of difficulty modeling them but am heading there), and also need to look into how to express the lights of the ornamental pipes through rendering, and also how to model water.

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HI Matthew,

Here are the comments:

1- The ideas are definitely coming together. The composition is not there yet. There is too much ground, maybe more sky instead is better (lower the composition). The context seems pretty generic. What you want to show with your context? Where is the wind coming from? Why there is a bit fat block righ in front of the design, is that an existing building? Show more the public square qualities of the surrounding at the base of the tower. By cutting where you are cutting we cannot read the ground activity.

2- you are right, it is key to see the surface of the project, otherwise it become very generic. The vertical elements get thicker on the top. Why? The also are straight, instead of angled towards the building. Is that right? It looses a lot of dynamic.

3- The reference for the pipes and tom should definitely not be thick members, but a lot more like Triptyque Architecture. Using composition and condensing many elements in bunches. Here is a reference again:


4- The ground is a bit simplistic designed at the moment on the sketch you uploaded. How does it relate to the the human proportion, how many people do you think would use each of of them?

5- The pit on the ground looks very deep. Why?

6- Where is the conversation about fog catcher on the text? Disappeared? Bring it back and articulate in relation to environmental visualization.

Good luck, push hard and work on the membrane and how it articulates with the pipes.

Look forward to see some substantial progress!

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