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by shloksoni1
April 17, 2018, 8:29 am
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This project concentrates on the design and scenography of a way station (small station) along the India-Nepal railway line. The station is to be concieved from

scrap passenger rail carriages and is to be informed by the perspectivism of the train. Thus the focus of the project lies in the reappropriation of found objects

and the creation of views by the manipulation of the volume of the station from the individual viewpoints of each train carriage. Emotions emanating from nature are agnostic. There is a cyclical reality to existence. In this movement lies hope – the change from one state of being to the other. The structure is a beacon of hope – It celebrates movement. It posits a challenge to the Kafkaesque metamorphosis of a being changing into something disgusting a vermin. Built from scavenged material an object of aesthetic value converges. The discourse around the structure is a counter-narrative. It attempts to take away the stigma associated with the term scavenging. Embracing such a concept one is also forced to see the ironical altruistic nature of this structure – to do so, one equates the creation with a beacon. The stationary nature of the entity that seeks to celebrate the movement on the railroad is an irony. The audience is the travellers it must hold grounds and be stationary to serve its purpose – to be there to give hope. Ultimately this shall too disintegrate but until it exists – the beacon stands – built from objects of the past; moving in time-space dimensionality to become the past.

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Thanks for the post. Comments are below:

1- at the moment there is no composition. There is only a basic 3D floating in a blue background so is hard to comment, since you are not doing the task yet (no ground, no background, no context, no indication of use). Please catch up.

2- How would you frame your view? With the train? Without the train? It would be good that the image explain how involving and wonderful the ideia is in relation to the context (what is around? Earthy ground? Mountains? Street market?) how do you relate to it? How do you represent it on the image?

3- the text is very abstract and far too metaphoric. Please explain what is the design, what are the qualities of the space? Is it perforated? Explain and elaborate further your idea spatially.

4- please explain what is the use of the architecture. At the moment the text and your oral presentation do not explain the obvious. What people do inside and outside the building. What is the programme? How are you designing to cater the needs of that space? Be careful for the Theme of the project not to become an one liner. Develop it architecturally (does it rain inside?)

Good luck and push hard because is needed it.

Comment by Ricardo

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