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by hayamrowa
April 17, 2018, 12:13 pm
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Muktinath, Sacred Fields

Access to Muktinath from the south, by the foot track on which hindu pilgrims have travelled for centuries, is throught the deepest and steepest river gorges. The acient pilgrim track through the kali gandki gorge has provided a tremendous mental and physical challenge for those who have braved its dangers century after century.  acient trails cut into the sheer cliff face are evidence of a life risking challenge, and surely a few had died attempting to reach to top. The same risks remain nowaydays, even with the construction of roads built into the hinterland.

However Muktinath holds significance in its Dedication to supernatural concepts:

An imporatant feature for both Hindu and Buddhist is the presence of a large black ammonite. It is a fossil, with an internap form of a spiral.

Natural gas fires burning from stone, earth, water.

The problematic on my site is the following:

1- Extreme Climate conditions:

Pilgrims trek during the Monsoon season, thus wind, cold, rain.

2- Religious & Ethnicity Segregations:

e.g. The Untouchable caste: They were believed to be so impure that caste Hindus considered their presence to be polluting. The impure status was related to their historic hereditary occupations that Hindus considered to be “polluting” or debased, such as working with leather, working with night soil and other dirty work.

In this case what could provoke desegregation would be a space providing warmth, as we have discussed in our last tutorial. I will focussing on one structure at the moment articulated around the pilgrimage route in order to explore how to render a congregational spaces along the Himalayan landscape in an extreme wet weather climate. In order to arrive to this structures, architectural elements (such as a staircase, a bridge etc.) will be placed along and around the pilgrimage route that will guide the pilgrims/trekkers towards my structure.

As per the design method of the site, I extracted a few quotes that inspired me from  Lines by Tim Ingold and The Mandala Book (you bought and left for us in class):

A wayfarer: “He must periodically pause to rest, and may even return repeatedly to the same abode or haven to do so. Each pause, however, is a moment of tension that — like holding one’s breath — becomes even more intense and less sustainable the longer it lasts.”

“The lines that link successive destinations, like those that join the dots, are not traces of movement but point to point connectors”, a network.

The lines of a wayfarer are “in the way living-beings inhabit earth, those who participate within the process of creating the trail of life”, thus entanglement of lines, a meshwork.

“Gestures in turn rise to lines when telling a story”

“The map grow line by line as the conversation proceeds, and there is not point at which is can be ever said to be truly complete.”

“The gesture becomes part of the map.”

“These celestial figures reveal the ultimate goal of all paths of healing and inner alchemy”

“The physical body is contained within the framework of time […] our physical condition, too, is nothing but our own projection” — R.S

Extracting words:







The route towards my structure:

In this case, the architectural elements placed around/along the path are successive guidelines towards a precise destination that the pilgrim/trekker does know of. I am therefore creating a network of connections, and the walk in between the connections are the traces of the pilgrims / trekkers who chose to go “out of there way” out of curiosity, just like a wayfarer.

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Thanks for the post Haya. Here are the comments:

1- composition: there is no composition of a section yet on your image. It is very difficult to give feedback on the posted material. We asked to post/work on a 3D section, the image posted is not a section.

2- Please make sure to show where are you cutting your design on the section, where is the ground? Where is the background? What is interior space? Is it steep? Dusty? Vast and plain context? Cold shadows from the mountains in the afternoon? Context please.

3- the text should be more to the point. It is unhelpful to write all about the project, please be concise. Explain the images you posted, there is everything but an explanation of the images and what are they.

4- the images posted lacked enough detail, they seem basic, what are they? Where do I enter? Where do people seat? Enigma.

As mentioned before the ‘why’ of the project is certainly clearer but the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of the design needs to be drawn. Draw, draw draw.

Good luck! Look forward to see it on Monday!

Comment by Ricardo

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