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Final Crit by tutor
May 24, 2018, 6:43 am
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Our Final Crit on Friday 25th is coming up and here area few things to bear in mind:

1- Place: Lecture Hall

2- We should all meet at 9:15 sharp to organise the room. For the ones that come late, it is a huge let down to see you coming down selfishly and only carrying about your own prints and models. Step up and join the Inter 3 for the final jury on time.

3- Make sure to bring blue tack (not tape), and see if your models and prints are in good shape. If not re-print or fix. The final crit is a formal but celebratory way to discuss the work but also represent the unit, our work as a group this year and our response to the brief. Lets do it properly!

4- Make sure you can discuss inspirational elements about Nepal and the trip. What have you learned from it? Where is the drawing about it? Where is the application on your design? The idea of context and user/ritual/time is very important to the unit, please address it.

5- What was the unit brief this year? How have you respond to it? What have you learned? Where was the difficult parts during the year? What are the questions that kept you awake at night (if any)? Please frame some of the personal journey elements and include in your presentation.

Let’s do it!

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