AA Inter 3

TUTORIAL Tuesday 05/03 by tutor
March 4, 2019, 5:20 pm
Filed under: 2018-19

Third Years please: bring your TS BOOKLET DRAFT printed + the latest development. REMEMBER: what is your key drawing, model, animation or piece that summarise your TS? How is the represented on your TS booklet? Do you have the basic ++ principles of your TS covered in your booklet in case of case studies? Please include a summery page at the beginning.

Second Years:  please bring your portfolio DRAFT and your latest developments of the project design (focus on the last one). IMPORTANT: Bring your FACT SHEET amended and printed for comment.

The Crit feedback was sent earlier to your email.

The list is:

10:00 Shobha + Kechao

10:40 Charlotte + Caspar

11:20 Ludvig + Shobha

12:00 Maciej + Xiao

13:30 Qian + Zhi Wee + Reina + Riyad (on Friday second years will have individual tutorials rehearsing for tables next week)

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