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Easter Task by ddaann111
April 23, 2019, 1:51 am
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Boundaries and social sensibilities are an integral part of modern Chinese communication, as with any civilised society. The way we phrase our sentences, the words we use, our chosen sentence structure and tone of voice are all based on the circumstance and the person or persons we are communicating with. Political negotiations and planning conversations are no different, if anything; censorship and attempting to appease critics and voters can lead to a loss of genuine and honest articulation.

There are some key situations and environments that break these social and societal norms. As far as I can think of all of these situations (excluding forces/simulated ones) are competitive ones. In a boxing ring, on a tennis court, whiles playing online video games and playing competitive board games can all bring out an animalistic brutal side of us. As soon as both parties engage knowingly and willingly in an activity with rules separate from society, with temporary objectives, and crucially with a possibility to extract personal gain, we pass through a social boundary and play to win.

My design aims to spatialise an exercise of planning through engagement with a board game. The building is in itself a Board Game Box, with the ability to mechanically open up into a board. When closed it also serves as a notice board of sorts, displaying the results of the previously executed game moves. A minimum amount of people are required to open it (mechanically speaking it requires a certain number of simultaneous actions to open), and thus begin the game – this is a political move to encourage cooperation and conscious engagement from all the village house holds. The theatricality of the change which the building has to undergo for it to become the board, acts as catalyst for removing the social boundaries explained in the previous paragraph. It also acts as a beacon to others who are not directly involved in the playing of the game to participate visually in the event, not unlike the olympic torch being lit during the games.

Finally the location has been chosen at the bottom of the patches of farmland, it is an open flat area large enough to accommodate the folding out of the board. It also gives clear line of sight from the building to the edge of the village, allowing both the locals to see it, but also the players to locate the board in the landscape, since they can look down to see the same elements that are visible when looking out. For reference, the external bounding box of the building is 10x10x11m while the internal space is 7x7x7m – resulting in 4 7x7m board sections laid out in a ‘+’ shape. On the ceiling is a zoomed out map (reflected) of the whole site showing what region each square segment shows.

The Cube Section 1

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