AA Inter 3

May 9, 2019, 8:23 pm
Filed under: 2018-19

From Tomorrow on it is only 10 days to the FINAL CRIT. Therefore from now on we have to think about:

1- What do you need to have to present and explain your work well? How is your project’s problematic explained?

2- Work on the general drawings that explain your spatial configurations (plans and sections are a must for any second and third year student), narrative and atmosphere of your project.

3- What is the key piece that you want to develop for the final tables and how can you start that for the final CRIT.

4- The FINAL CRIT will be a pin up. Bring some ideas of what you want to have and why. remember the FINAL CRIT is not a egotistic circus show, but a moment to debate what you did, how well you did, consistently, academically, intellectually and brief related.

Bring together with your current PRINTED work please a list of what you want to have PINNED UP in your FINAL CRIT together with 1 sketch layout of your pin up wall.

The tutorial list:

10:30 Reina, Qian, Zhi Wee, Ryiad

12:00 Ludvig, Shobha

14:00 Caspar, Chiao

14:40 Maciej, Daniel

15:20 Kechao, Charlotte


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