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Friday 17/5 Presentation Rehearsals by Nathan
May 16, 2019, 2:02 pm
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Tomorrow we will do rehearsals for the final crit and workshop your overall narrative/presentation. It’s a chance to test how to organise the hierarchy of your work (drawings, films, models) and also to identify what pieces can be further developed by Monday. Please come ready to do a run-through of your work in 8-10 minutes. Sequencing is key so think about how you frame your design project in terms of term 1 research, the unit trip, and Technical Studies. Think of how you can organise by theme, importance/relevance to your design, social/environmental agendas – rather than by the chronology of what you did in the year.

Bring your key drawings printed, show films on the screen, have models/booklets on hand and bring a sheet with your planned wall layout on it as we discussed last time I saw you. Spend some time tonight preparing by writing out your project title, synopsis and argument coherently. Remember that your audience doesn’t know your research interests, the nature of the sites we visited, the unit’s understanding of mythology/narrative so you need to communicate these alongside/to contextualise the content of your project.

Tutorial times below:

10:30 – Kechao + Qian

11:30 – Maciej + Riyad

12:30 – Shobha + Zhi Wee

14:00 – Caspar + Chiao

15:00 – Charlotte + Reina

16:00 – Daniel + Ludvig

Looking forward to it!

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