AA Inter 3

Tuesday 28/05 Tutorials by tutor
May 27, 2019, 3:37 pm
Filed under: 2018-19

Second years, please bring your portfolio in the right order again and the latest work printed for comments and mark ups. Tomorrow we will go through it and see what is missing. Please make sure you have yellow post-its or similar to mark the missing sheets. On Friday will be presentation rehearsals!

Third years, please bring your work printed for mark ups.

During the crit we noticed that in most students’ work there is a gap (second and third years) between the done research and the proposed design. There is hardly any in-between showing project development, or explanation of the design in graphical terms, or contextual work. Sketches and mainly diagrams are very important to fill that gap. We will show some more examples tomorrow. 

The tutorial list is:

10:00 Daniel + Charlotte

10:40 Caspar + Maciej

11:20 Chiao + Ludvig

13:00 Qian + Zhi Wee

13:50 Ryad + Reina

14:40 Kechao + Shobha

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