AA Inter 3

1st of November Crit by tutor
October 28, 2019, 3:21 pm
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On our first crit we will focus on debating your exploration of what aspects of the forest you have selected and how you are working with them. What is the forest and what is a future you are interested to explore? What informs that choice?

In practical terms each students should have minimum:

1- Main A1 drawing – composition exploring your initial ideas on the mythical, technological and/or resource Forest. Avoid creating a catalogue of browsing ideas about the forest. Make sure you explore a ‘what if’ indicating a initial creative response. We want to know about your informed ideas, not about a compilation of references or your opinion.

2- In order to support your drawing and establish a discussion between you and the guest critics each student should have four A2’s supporting sheets. They should explain:

  • your choice and explanation of either mythical, technological or resource forest
  • A key reference that help you think and structure your ideas. It can be a pictorial (but not only), architectural, artistic
  • A breakdown explaining your composition and how you structure your drawing
  • explaining your concept and your key argument

3- Write, print and bring a text with 150 words explaining what, how and why you are working with the theme of forest. Add a title to the composition and select 3 key words. Avoid generic words.

4- Do not Print in the last minute. Students who want to print on Friday morning, please do not. Print a night before and focus on preparing the presentation (re-hearse, sleep, etc). If students are late to the crit, they will not present.

Good luck!!

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