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Friday 13th CRIT Details by tutor
December 10, 2019, 5:55 pm
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The crit on the 13th is shaping up to be a great day with guest critics and obviously your work too!

As promised here is list of what is expected on the crit on Friday 13th:

1- Make you sure present you full term work under the concept of what is the Future Forest. Do not forget to mention the obvious (You chose technological, mythical or resources and why), etc.

2- Avoid presenting chronologically, present telling us what you are interesting in and what you being doing to test, experiment and play with the idea.

3- In terms of documents organize the wall pin up to give priority to the current work but make sure you are telling a compelling and interesting story of your full work/investigation.

4- Explain a reference you used to your current project and give credit.

5- Explain the current work time base/interaction in diagrams – 01 A2.

5- Make sure you have your model/prototype/installation process documented in 02 A2’s or similar, explaining what have you learned by making it

6- Show a video or a 02 to 03 good/proper/studio/ambient photos of the work showing its intention (atmospheric, time base, interaction)

7- Show the actual model/installation/prototype on the crit, make sure is not just placed carelessly on the floor but properly exhibited. After so much hard work, be careful/show care how you exhibit your pieces.

8- IMPORTANT: Present the overall question about what is the Future Forest for you. On the oral presentation be to the point about the WHY, WHAT, HOW of your work. Avoid given jurors a master-class on background information. What questions have your work raised so far? Where do you think you would go next with your work?

REMEMBER: Term 01 is about learning about the forest, its relationship to Culture, technology and resources and test ideas relating to the topics. You do not have to be conclusive about the concept, but be specific about the question you are asking about the Future Forest.

Have fun, be playful, and we super look forward to see you and your work on Friday 13th!

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