AA Inter 3

by yolandaxyhe
April 17, 2020, 1:17 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

I have modelled a few things and attached a front view of them seprately:

  • Cabins, Observatory tower, Detachable soil research lab, communal area, and small unfinshed pavilions as well as self-sufficient solar drones.
  • They are still in progress

In respond to the feedback from table and from tutorial, I tried to edit down my idea. I gave another go to the brief:

The extreme climate events are making our environment more vulnerable. Our planet could one day become inhabitable. We are at a pivotal moment to confront complex problems that require adaptive responses. The future is uncertain, yet the project envisions a possible future of the Sadiman Forest in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. The project rethinks the current indigenous approaches toward forestland management and takes into considerations of the possible technology in the future. With both the rotating planting techniques and advanced technology(need to research more specifically what they are), the project proposes a new cycle of agro-forestry. The design is impermanent, it evolves over time like the natural environment it situates in and react to the condition of the forest land.

The project goal is to soothe the tension between industrial automated monocropping and the degrading forest land. Automated technology cannot fully replace local engagement. The project aims to demostrate that technology and nature can coexist. As the local community starts to grow and build legitimacy as a new way of interacting with nature, the larger ambition of the project is to facilitate the regeneration of a larger coherent regional forest-network with the same attitude towards the forest-village symbiosis. Fertile forestland should be carefully preserved, and the project would be a slow response to the changing climate condition, mitigating the global climate crisis.

Problems and difficulties:

  1. It is difficult for me to cut everything altogether. I didn’t have time to show the cutting on this draft, but as agreed, I will try to do a corner cut for maybe one/two pavilions. If it does not work well, can I should them in seperate drawing like the drafts attached. I could show a few more angles instead of just straight from the front.
  2. I am still trying out different methods to model the surrounding environment. I want to show different crops, plants. Therefore, the terrain is a bit different. During the tutorial, we agreed on showing the surround semi-abstractly.

Main Drawing

Cabin Elevation

Observatory and Detachable Soil Research Lab

Communal/Annual Fire Festival Space(This is just and indication of the placement. The design is still in progress, not sure about the size/shape yet)

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