AA Inter 3

Draft Composition by Oscar by ssukuooscarlo
April 17, 2020, 12:37 pm
Filed under: 2019-20

Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

Here is my progress so far on both Rhino and Cinema 4D.

There is a lot of detail still need to be added on to the drawing, especially for the front part where the section is cut. I have decided the draft composition for the drawing, which show both the city and the riverbanks. On the side of the city, the focus will be on the interaction of people with the photo booth structures as well as their daily activities on the street. On the left side of the riverbanks, the focus will be on the planting structures (the planting structure itself has not been fully modelling yet, which will also incorporate the space for people to gather as well as discuss the future planting progress of the machine,) and the planting path of the machine. Also, on the sidewalk, there will be structure, little pavilions/fishing point and the street vendors, for people to enjoy space for now (before the mangrove grew up.)

I have an idea for the right side of the riverbanks to show what will the banks look like 20 years later or after the mangroves have grown up, but still not sure about this idea yet since the riverbanks at the right only have a little amount to shows.



Overall Composition of the Drawing
Fishing Stand/ Pavilion

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