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Draft in rhino progress ALEJANDRA by marialebigott
April 17, 2020, 11:50 am
Filed under: 2019-20

Hello Ricardo and nanette,

Here is my progress so far, I attempted to layout the context. Kampung on the left and then the Muara Baru buildings in the back. I also decided the dimensions I want for the spheres and the platform, spheres range from 2-7 meters. What I spent most of time attempting was to create different types of forest balls but with different functions, I also tried to understand how Kampung children and members where going to move around these spheres, the idea is there will be many entries through hanging ladders, but then there will be a net system around each that allows inhabitants to climb around the spheres to collect their produce. Some spheres as you can see, have cables that bring down a container, this container will be filled with produce. It is brought down so it can be distributed to the public.

I still need to continue modelling everything as you can see everything still lacks details, the spheres have parts missing, I need to work each one more individually but for the purpose of today I wanted to have an idea of the different components i’m proposing and limiting their function. I also need to add boats, and the element of suspension for all these components. I’ll also be working on the kitchen element at the bottom as i haven’t done that yet :/

I’m planning to, finish all the modelling in rhino and then move on to cc4d, to add refinement to all elements and render things to make them more realistic.

Also the bottom two images are ideas for a possible composition.

Hope you are both well!

Thanks so much for your time 🙂


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