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Rik’s Draft : Stage to continue by rikkoster
April 17, 2020, 1:00 pm
Filed under: 2019-20

Hi Guys!

Here is a composition study related to Kings cross.

Hand drawn, that will be continued digitally.

I imagine a ‘pine tree / Christmas tree’ forest that has been evolved over time into a permanent forest that overtakes all the public functions and infrastructure. What we can notice on the right is a production forest where the trees are lined up within a wooden (zig-zag) construction. Those trees are able to disconnect and can be used for the Christmas celebration. Over time the young trees becomes too large and will be placed into their final and permanent destination. A single column with soil and a platform to capture rain water will be the part of this permanent structure. Over time the trees are growing and bending their way into the ‘New Future Forest’, where even daily life finds its way in.

Also there should be place for Architecture within this forest (all made out of Wood). The architecture expressed itself through a proposal in this drawing of A ‘Forester Department’. This uplifted building has a clear overview of the forest- where they can see what is needed to maintain it. Those functions and programs are related to the connecting pathways, that make it able to go through the forest without walking on the street level and create new and adventurous public spaces (needed to worked out in this drawing).

My aim in the drawing was to show you the perspective of the human scale within this large ‘Pine Forest’ proposal. I am very curious to the feedback and where I need to focus on the the coming week. Looking forward to the critique.



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