AA Inter 3

Drawing Progress by taragilani
April 24, 2020, 4:14 pm
Filed under: 2019-20

Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

This is my progress so far of the A1 section, the modelling is almost all finished unless I need to do any major adjustments to the design. I can add any changes to the rendered design as separate layers. I addressed the design elements we discussed; the ground and the trellis and finishing the fabric elements of each part. The ground shows the limbs growing and spreading upwards and ideally will have more connections between them at the base. The trellis that is part of the purification aspect also starts that process in TS of vegetation encroaching the kampung roofs so I have started modelling a continuation of this trellis as limbs extending over the roofs which also shelters the space in-between creature and kampung on the left.

For the colours as suggested I looked at colour palettes relating to indonesia and found some drawing references that share that (main colour being red). For the fabric and water skins I wanted them to contrast more with the base, and stand out as brighter and possibly be an indicator as to when this creature wakes up every cycle essentially with the movement of water through each part leading to a spreading of colour. Once this is decided I can continue painting and adding textures.



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