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Drawing update by yolandaxyhe
April 24, 2020, 4:41 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

Here is an updated of my drawing. I tried a different perspective, which allows me to show one or two important features for story telling. I decided to develop on the model for the lab and the common space a bit more. I am still working on my model, but I have attached a sketch of it:

I chose to go with the organic shape instead of the machine like one. I found tI chose to go with the organic shape instead of the machine-like one. I found that there is a 3D printing material that is biodegradable. It contains nutrients, which allow the plants to grow on top of. https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/biodegradable-growlay-3d-printer-filament-can-be-used-to-grow-mushrooms-or-make-cheese-135586/

Despite the technical aspect of it, I drew inspiration from my Term 1 prototype. One could say that it still looks invasive, but at least it is better than the mechanic legs, and it still allows room for speculation.

I didn’t include the tower and the cabins, because I still want to adjust it and make them look like they are from one project.
I experimented with Culebra, but I only used it to show the branches at the bottom of the soil lab. You can only see it if you look at it closely. I tried to reduce the amount of test polygon for this trial.
For the final render, I was thinking of making a night scene, with fire being let inside the common space with smoke and more atmospheric. Sorry for not being able to complete the drawing task, as I was doing a lot of trials to make a decision on the style I want to go for.
Please let me know what you think of the perspective and the design of both the soil lab and common space.

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