AA Inter 3

Updated drawing by yolandaxyhe
May 1, 2020, 6:30 pm
Filed under: 2019-20

Dear Nannette and Ricardo,

I thought about Indiginous knowledge v.s. technology and it helped to make a decision on the style that I am going for.

Indigenous knowledge emerges from careful long-term observation of natural phenomena. This knowledge encompasses practical, empirical, and ideological aspects of understanding and is both the information itself and a way of knowing. These observational “data” or information obtained through such approaches are so precise and thorough that they are constrained to focus on local environments. Therefore, in my design, I would like to embrace the vernacular. I choose a fabric(weaved by the locals) and bamboo(a pioneer species that we saw in when visiting the lab). The drawing shows the time of the end of one cycle when the celebration starts to happen. I am planning to cut out some festival images. Now, there aren’t many human activities going on in the drawing.

Update on why:

My proposal is a speculative master plan of the Sadiman Forest, Indonesia. The design is inspired by the dream of Mbah Sadiman, an old man who was trying to reforest the entire Geneng Hill with his bare hands. One could sense his hope and exthusiasm without translation. His dream that has translated into mine, expressed through this project.

Thank you,


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