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May 8, 2020, 4:45 pm
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Dear Ricardo, Nannette and Nicho,

This week I have been working on designing the space of the foreground bamboo weaving workshop. The workshop is designed like a central ring. Instead of tree in the middle, the area is used as a space to grow bamboo for weaving. Below the mature bamboo, there will be hydroponics for nursing bamboo and banyan tree seeds.

The space is not quite enough yet, as I haven’t finished developing the details of the model yet. But you will see the workshop being in the foreground, distribution of forest land, rice paddies and bamboo in the middle. At the back is the bon fire place.

These villages are in transition. The divergences of the local people’s interests and those concerned with biodiversity is one reason that hindered Sadiman reforestation mission. Instead of conducting illegal logging, they will be encouraged to grow bamboo and use it to make artifacts and to sell it for construction in order to have a sustainable income.

Rough composition(angle need to be adjusted)

In parallel to the workshop, I am currently making iterations of the small cabins that are inside the forest. I want to combine the research tower and the cabin, and they will be joined by a walkway. These cabins will be used for overnight stays in the forest and they will also serves as a data collection station, which monitors the exchange rates between the forest and the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, water vapour and soil condition. As the climate becomes more unstable, it is necessary to also equip the villagers with the technology to conduct more scientific research. The research data could be also shared with the wider community.

I have a technical question: Is there a faster and more accurate way to model righ paddies in Cinema instead of sculpting it? Or should I just photoshop/do digital sketch.

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