AA Inter 3

Drawing #2 by taragilani
May 12, 2020, 4:08 pm
Filed under: 2019-20

Hi Ricardo and Nanette,

This is an almost complete version of the second drawing viewing the site from above. The main purpose of this drawing is to show the river and the environmental issues at a greater scale to convey the urgency of the problem that the design addresses. The drawing also shows the progression of the creature’s parts and their hierarchy in the design’s cycle; from the first line by the water bearing the full weight of the pollution to gradually being less weighed down, elongating and gaining clarity. The same goes for the water pipe connections that taper out and the aquatic filtration beds and how the water is delivered to them taking on more streamlined shapes.

I still need to add final touches like cables and seating and the ground with the greenery radiating from the inside out and from the dripping structures.

As the design in quite delicate in parts I am not happy with the colour scheme it lacks contrast at the moment. I am undecided whether I need to entirely grey out the kampung for clarity of the design or lighten the bamboo stilts so the contrast is greater, or maybe they need lines added.

As this view deal primarily with the foreground, the more aesthetically appealing design that sits in the interior of the kampung is slightly less clear and blocked from this angle which I would like to show in the next drawings i.e. section to show the progression and person’s view from the interior spaces.



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