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Future Forest Drawing by tutor
April 5, 2021, 2:00 pm
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Thanks for all the students for following the online C4D sessions last week. As discussed before we are launching the Future Forest Drawing task to for the Easter Break. In the spirit of keeping focus and learning discipline the drawing should utilise C4D for rendering and scene. You can still model in Rhino, but you should render and create your scene in c4d and finalise in photoshop. 

The task over the break is to generate a 3-dimensional section of your project in minimum A1 size (even though for now is digital/online it gives a good guidance for the level of detail expected). The focus shall be the design in a scale around 1/100 and 1/200 (so you know what level of detail there should be). Avoid spending most of your time modelling terrain or any elements in the background or parts not even seen in the chosen view. 

There will be 2 deadlines for this task:

01- Draft Image: develop the main composition and according to that the design: where and how do you cut your project (vertical/horizontal section or a combination? straight through section or a corner section like a cut piece of cake…?), what are you revealing (how do you spatially show some interior vs. how much do you present of the exterior), how does it relate to the immediate surrounding, how high is it…? Is it connecting, using or orienting itself to the sun, wind, ground or certain directions existing in the context…? Is it long and skinny, fat and tall, does it use colours as a key feature…? Compose your section in relation to the page (show the design from one end to the other, avoid cuts too perspectival). Explore your narrative spatially. Add also one hand sketch to the post. 

Please post your draft A1 image on the blog by: Tuesday 20th of April 1PM (London Time). We will be facilitating everyone’s BLOG logging soon. There can be additional sketches or snap-/ screenshots accompanying the image to show more of your idea for the composition and the design (if not incorporated in the image yet). We will give everyone some feedback via the blog following your upload. This is an official unit deadline, please do take it seriously (and is incredibly fun too as you will develop your design further and learn new skills that will be forever with you!).

02- 3D Section Image: Submit your final image in min A1 size (guide for level of detail and prospective future print size) and bring it to the ‘online’ class onTuesday 27th of April 10AM 


Try out by sketching the section by hand first. Focus on the spaces and the strategy / principles of how your idea works in the space. Remember, by doing this task you should be further designing your project, don’t just show what we already know. Also draw in plan and section on the side to find out relationships and how things work within the spaces. Choose your scale and try to model/draw in approximately the right proportions. After you have the overall design mass of your proposal, decide on the angle and composition and where you want to cut it / which spaces would be good to show. From that develop your 3d model and add more details bit by bit. What really really helps is to think about it as a story: what do you want to tell with the image? What do you need to show for that story to be told via the image? 

Important Reminder: This is not to produce a final project, but to help you design and further elaborate your design. Use the feedback from tables and your current project elements to bring pieces together, define the project qualities (from colour, to size, number or users). The drawing is to develop the project not to finalise it. So explore, experiment but most important draw what matters in your design.

Choose an architectural reference and study its drawings, understand the spaces, orientation, inside/outside relationships, solidity vs transparency, means of entrance… Choose a render / 3D section reference and study its composition and image set up…

Do tutorials about how to model in 3d. Do online youtube tutorials about how to render in C4D. Use the break and the unit to massively improve in your game. The more you try the more help we will be able to give!

Enjoy it!

01_Augury Section

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