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by sindidojaka
April 23, 2021, 12:05 pm
Filed under: 2020-21

Hi Ricardo and Nannette!

So I have worked on redesigning my project which now follows this circular shape. Its still following the same programs as before with minor changes and still follows the idea of the timeline its just that now it has that idea of kind of looping back. While I feel that this shape makes sense for the project overall it also really helped me scale down by a lot. In addition to that, I have tried to bring forward those elements of verticality from my prototype in this iteration and I think maybe I have to work on that a bit more. I want to develop this design by continuing to design the landscape around it and by adding porous structures that await to be pollenised by people interacting with the architecture.

As for the c4d render, I still struggle a bit and I am not happy with the c4d material i put on the building. However will be working on it. Also, since this task was to create a section I wasnt sure where it would be best to cut considering the circular shape….. Looking forward to the feedback!

Best wishes,


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Hi Sindi,

Thanks for the work posted. Here are a few comments to help you develop the work for Tuesday.

1- Good to see the progress of the work. For the action section cut you can cut a line that is not only straight, but also in angles. here is an example: https://aainter3.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/portfolio-view/

2- Regarding the actual design, use key formal/colour/materiality words for key areas of elements of the design. The diagram of the project (typology of the form in circle) is not the design flavour, but the qualities you assigned to it are. Use a colour pencil and sketch on the top of the render, be more expressive with the architecture qualities.

3- On the drawing consider that you are changing the nearby environment, altering its configuration. If one would see your project in 30-40 years how would your project have changed the site?

4- From the bottom image, be bolder, have a more precise aesthetic that is more about bringing something new than just demarcating space. Even though the project aesthetic is not the same as yours, this image has a very unique and specific style to convey its design:

Thank you for the post, we look forward to see the work on Tuesday!

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