AA Inter 3

by ssungmin
April 23, 2021, 5:24 pm
Filed under: 2020-21

Hello Ricardo & Nannette!

I hope you are well.

Here are my hand sketches showing ideas of different views and perspectives cutting through various sides of sections and a first render of the skeleton of my refined model. The render image looks fairly rough as another two layers that would be on top of this body mass (main mass) are not yet rendered. Based on the comments and advices from the last term, I have decided to bring the main idea that I have got from term 1, the egg ghost, to be visually represented with my model. For instance, I am trying to focus on increasing the level of wildness and add grotesqueness atmosphere around the area (fantasy of experience). Some part of the egg ghost (the model) would peel off / go over the coal office seen on the right and even to the pavements.

Still thinking of utilising an idea of “erosion,” I would like to bring wildness back with the effect of some part of the model eroding. Therefore, the materials used in my model would be divided into three categories, initial material (concrete/metal), secondary material that gets mixed with the first material which would fall over time (dissolvable concrete), and lastly, soil.

I still struggle a little with C4D programme, however, I would add plan & section of the refined model and a finalised rendered image as soon as possible.

All the best,


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Hi Sungmin,

Thanks for the post and the explanation of the current work.

Here are a few comments to help develop the work till Tuesday:

1- The hand drawing seems intriguing and suggestive, but how does the current rendering relates to it? The camera angle seems to be very different too. Privilege a camera angle atet your sectional cut can reveal the project and the context spaces and changes.

2- As there is only one render is hard to access what do you mean by the eggshell shapes from term 01 and how literal you want to work those in the project. Make sure to consider the idea of how those elements relate to London and how you want to interfere and change the city.

3- your section should consider the relation between the context and with water too. Not only in polite respect, but how you want to change and add things to the context.

4- It is really necessary you are very specific how the project changes and transforms the site in some form. Bringing people, and other aspects to it. It does not need to be mega change, but honest and crucial interesting and PROVOCATIVE elements to the project.

5- Here are a few ref. Even thought the project is vast in scale it plays with above and below:

Here there is use exploration of inside and uses outside:

And here some spaces that have some playful geometries blending inside/outside (not same typology, but it shows how your spaces can be more elaborated and interconnected):

We hope you find the comments useful. Please do a big push for Tuesday in order to clarify and bring the 3d section (!) drawing work in progress.

See you on Tuesday!

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