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Qi by xuemaqi
April 23, 2021, 1:50 pm
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Hi Ricardo & Nannette!

Hope everything is doing fine!

Here are some of the rough screenshot of the new design! I have being following the ideas from last semester to design the rave club on the trees. The first change was to redesign the arrangement of the fractal prototypes along the railway, instead of duplicating just one sample, I altered each one with different forms and curvatures. The blue worm-like part is the slab for the dance floor, which is a huge tension cushion tied on each tree trunks. Inside the structure in the middle will be look like the third image, with tree branches tapering to the top. The tree columns actually were inspired by the columns in the Sagrada Família. Later the temporary living space will be added to the space in between the columns on the top. I will model the upper part using the prototype from the first term in image 4, like a big dome composed by wisteria vines intertwining. Currently the model is quite not finished without details, so I will catch up to model other parts as well as the site. I am trying to work more and hope I can update tomorrow.

All the best


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HI Qi,

Thanks so much for the update. Here are a few comments:

1 – The more progressive structure design is certainly more interesting. How is the use of the project changing through the structure longitudinal axis?

2 – If it is a rave place… what is the scope/necessary for a rave place/space. At the moment it is only a rave place because you want/desire it to be, but the design carries no indication of that use, or any study of what is needed in that type of space: for how many people, when does it take place, etc, etc. Please be aware of that. The programme has not yet been presented in a logical and researched way. Be careful.

3- Please bring the sectional drawing. You have not posted a section 3d as requested for every student. We guess in your case it is more about the longitudinal axis to cut the section. That will enable more opportunities to explore the design in the next phases. Please evolve the design via the section. It is not intended too finish the 3d all for next week.

4- The ground/access/train/context relationship needs to be explored in the 3d section. For that reason a section with a angle more like Maya’s work may be beneficial? https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/32721534768041564/

We hope the comments are helpful. Please make sure to push the design in the 3d section format for Tuesday following the comments above.

Good luck!

R+ N

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