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Varya by varyagunchenko
April 23, 2021, 11:32 am
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Dear Ricardo and Nannette,

I hope you are doing wonderful.
I’ve been focusing on modelling the model of my design as well as the Kings Cross site both of which look rough still. I really want to add all the main elements before I start choosing the view of the section. I am also still changing the design and trying to develop it still in the process of modelling. Yet I have decided that I want my image to show all the parts of my structure including garden, restaurant space, areas of food growth and etc . and also elements of the site such as borders of the canal and Waitrose which I was advised to connect my design to. I believe that the question of the angle and composition is of a great importance and because I don’t have all the elements I’m still unsure about it.
the 3D model is partly rendered in rhino which I’ve done just to for it to look more clear on what is what. All the rendering will be done later in photoshop, C4D.
Best wishes


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Hi Varya,

Thanks for posting your work on the blog. Here are a few comments to help you develop the work for Tuesday:

1- You mentioned that you spend more time modelling. We think at the moment the most important is to be sure of the scale. ON the table review the scale was comment as perhaps being too large to cope with. What is the response to that? Does it need to be that tall?

2- Instead to focus on the facade elements is much more important to focus on the scale (point 1), the relation to the site (how it alters and bring something new to the site), how horizontally it bridges to the site, and what is around it. All those elements are priority, instead of the facade for now.

3- We suggest to work selected parts based on the angle of the drawing section chosen. The drawing exercise helps students making decisions primarily on that angle, instead of having to solve the full project in one go. Please choose the angle (a couple) and bring to discuss on Tuesday.

4- I will send you a ref for looking t how form and life around the project may relate (not only side), it also shows a more contained scale, although made of many pieces. I will send you via whattsapp.

Thank you Vary, give it a good push for Tuesday, specially on the main aspects highlighted above.


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