AA Inter 3

May 9, 2019, 8:23 pm
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From Tomorrow on it is only 10 days to the FINAL CRIT. Therefore from now on we have to think about:

1- What do you need to have to present and explain your work well? How is your project’s problematic explained?

2- Work on the general drawings that explain your spatial configurations (plans and sections are a must for any second and third year student), narrative and atmosphere of your project.

3- What is the key piece that you want to develop for the final tables and how can you start that for the final CRIT.

4- The FINAL CRIT will be a pin up. Bring some ideas of what you want to have and why. remember the FINAL CRIT is not a egotistic circus show, but a moment to debate what you did, how well you did, consistently, academically, intellectually and brief related.

Bring together with your current PRINTED work please a list of what you want to have PINNED UP in your FINAL CRIT together with 1 sketch layout of your pin up wall.

The tutorial list:

10:30 Reina, Qian, Zhi Wee, Ryiad

12:00 Ludvig, Shobha

14:00 Caspar, Chiao

14:40 Maciej, Daniel

15:20 Kechao, Charlotte


Tuesday 07|05|2019
May 6, 2019, 8:57 pm
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Tomorrow we will have individual tutorials as following, please bring your latest work printed and please be on time!

9:30 Reina

10:00 Ludvig

10:30 Zhi Wee

11:00 Charlotte

11:30 Qian

12:00 Shobha

12:30 Caspar

13:30 Chiao

14:00 Riyad

14:30 Kechao

15:00 Maciej

15:30 Daniel

Friday Tutorial 03/05
May 2, 2019, 8:25 pm
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Congratulations again for the third year students and the TS high passes. Now we start the final push for the FINAL CRIT!

Tomorrow at 19:00 we will have our cocktail conversation alongside Inter 9, 11, Dip 17. We hope all students can come along for lively discussion on design, drawings and some new nature (with drinks). I will tell you all the details tomorrow.

Here is the list for the tutorials tomorrow Friday 03/05:

Please bring the material printed for mark ups.

10:00 Riyad, Qian, Reina, Zhi Wee

11:40 Ludvig, Kechao

14:00 Caspar, Shobha

14:40 Daniel, Maciej

15:20 Charlotte, Chiao


IMPORTANT: Nathan will also see you all on Saturday 04/05

Friday 26/05
April 25, 2019, 7:27 pm
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Regarding the drawing development and based on the previous tutorial we will have two noticeable dates. Tomorrow Friday 26th it will be tutorials again, so please bring your drawings printed for marked up (and some thick marker pens).

Then on Monday 29th of April we will do a pin up with the drawing. In the pin up the drawing needs to be substantially developed from architecture to presentation. The project design development will continue.

The tutorial list (please note the slightly earlier start!):

09:30 Shobha + Charlotte

10:20 Kechao + Ludvig

11.10 Daniel + Caspar

12.00 Maciej + Chiao

14.00 Riyad + Zhi Wee + Reina + Qian



Friday 22|03|2019
March 21, 2019, 9:46 pm
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Short touch base tutorials as follows, please be on time.

10.00 Chian

10.15 Zhi Wee

10.30 Riyad

10.45 Reina

11.00 Kechao

11.15 Ludvig

11.30 Shobha

11.45 Caspar

12.00 Daniel


2.00 Maciej

2.15 Xiao

Friday 15|03|2019
March 14, 2019, 10:06 pm
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3rd year tutorials as per list below. Please bring your latest design work printed as well as your portfolio in order.

11.30 Ludvig

12.00 Maciej

12.30 Kechao

1.00 Shobha


2.00 Caspar

2.30 Xiao

3.00 Daniel

3.30 Charlotte

Tutorial Second Year
March 7, 2019, 6:54 pm
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Tutorials will be only for Second Year as Third years will be handing in the TS work in the morning. GOOD LUCK THIRD YEARS!

We will be rehearsing the portfolio presentation and discussing about your latest design work. Please bring :

-your portfolio printed on right scale (with the filler sheets or mock up sheets in place if not final print yet), in the right order.

– PRINTED FACT SHEET UPDATED – Including Project title.

The list:

10:30 Qian

11:00 Zhi Wee

11:30 Riyad 

12:00 Reina

TUTORIAL Tuesday 05/03
March 4, 2019, 5:20 pm
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Third Years please: bring your TS BOOKLET DRAFT printed + the latest development. REMEMBER: what is your key drawing, model, animation or piece that summarise your TS? How is the represented on your TS booklet? Do you have the basic ++ principles of your TS covered in your booklet in case of case studies? Please include a summery page at the beginning.

Second Years:  please bring your portfolio DRAFT and your latest developments of the project design (focus on the last one). IMPORTANT: Bring your FACT SHEET amended and printed for comment.

The Crit feedback was sent earlier to your email.

The list is:

10:00 Shobha + Kechao

10:40 Charlotte + Caspar

11:20 Ludvig + Shobha

12:00 Maciej + Xiao

13:30 Qian + Zhi Wee + Reina + Riyad (on Friday second years will have individual tutorials rehearsing for tables next week)

Friday Tutorial 01/03/19
February 28, 2019, 9:19 pm
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Third years please bring your TS document draft, your TS development + your schedule of work and production from now till end of March. Second years please bring design developments from the Crit.

Friday tutorial list:

10:00 Daniel + Caspar

10:40 Shobha + Maciej

11:30 Kechao + Charlotte

12:20 Xiao + Ludvig

13:40 Reina + Qian + Zhi Wee + Riyad

Tuesday 26th Crit
February 25, 2019, 9:47 pm
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Very excited about the crit tomorrow! As mentioned early today on Whastapp it is very important to know your presentation order. Each student has a slot to present and should not miss it. Late students will not present.

Make sure to present your project properly explaining your term 01 work and making it work to explain your term 02 current project.

The objective of the crit is to help your design your final/current project while taking inspiration and consideration of your whole research up to now. So make sure you make term 01 part of the presentation.

Please lets ALL meet at the UNIT SPACE at 9:30. It will be a table presentation, not pin up. So please make sure you have your documents PRINTED and arranged in the right order before you arrive at the unit.

The list


Zhi Wee