AA Inter 3

Drawing update
May 14, 2020, 8:19 pm
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Hi everyone,

I am currently still working on finding the best way to add in the shadow of the structure. I attempted to do so using photoshop as I was having trouble doing so at the rendering stage, but the photoshop result was of low quality so I am going to go back to try again. I am still unsure of the result of the foliage as the colour scheme looks off. I am still thinking of the way to represent the people and the fauna interacting with the surrounding.

Aside from the Drawing, I have been developing my model in order to have the different parts of the project link more to each other (as discussed in the tutorial with nanette), which will aid in the production of the third drawing as well as the development of the first.

all the best,


Drawing update
May 12, 2020, 5:15 pm
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Hi! I aimed through this drawing to show the different configurations of tree growth through the house expansion, bridge and canopy-like structure that is supporting the high-line/walkway. I am currently working on the circulation for the pathway (for both drawings) and need to still add the staircase that would allow access to the highland as well as photoshop in the nurseries, the villagers and render the ground land and sky.

Draft- Drawing #2- May 8
May 8, 2020, 5:53 pm
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Hi inter 3 🙂

I aimed through this drawing to explore the different architectural configurations I could have on site. I focused on modelling the structure of the highline which would be used as a connecting pathway and include platforms for the tree nurseries (more detail required). I was inspired by a canopy like structure with a small dimateter at the bottom and a larger one on top to be connected to others. I want to push my exploration by putting forth multiple possible configurastions for growth, which will also be explored when modelling the bridge.

Another idea for this drawing is that it would infer a timeline for my narrative going from the left where this typology is primarily used as an expansion of the village house to the right where the possibility of usage is pushed to a more macro scale.

I was thinking of stretching my view and making it more longitudinal to include a partial interior view of the research centre (right) and show the way it is inhabited and the interaction of the students with the villagers, as well as the fauna.

Look forward to the discussion tomorrow.


1st of May
May 1, 2020, 6:41 pm
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Second Draft
April 24, 2020, 6:19 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nanette,

Hope you are well.

For this draft, I focused on developing the Forestier institution that exists at the center of this new forest space. The idea is that the tree nurseries, the pathways, and the waterways are all radiating out of this center according to the topographical lines.

The ground floor of the structure, as well as the first, are dedicated to forest research and Forestier activity. At the second level, we have the waterwheels which taking the water up from the river to that level so that it can later flow down through the waterways and reach the tree nurseries/farms.

The structure is yet to be complete and requires the development of the staircase connecting the levels to each other as well as the development of the top-level, which will serve as a viewing platform that connects the “Highline” of walking pathways across the new forest, facilitating transport. I will also develop during the weekend the radiating tree nurseries and pathways that connect the two sides of the riverbank.

Best regards – Anthony

Elevation- Forest Research Centre