AA Inter 3

April 23, 2021, 12:52 pm
Filed under: 2020-21

Hello Ricardo and Nannette!

Here you can see some drafts of my final design and the first image. After the panel I have been reconsidering my design proposal and trying to collect all of the previous drafts in order to come up with the finalised design. 

One of the main things I have been taking into consideration is the fact that the site has various conditions which now impact the design way more. It was noted that the previous proposal has been taking too much space from the ground and was not adaptable to the change of the heights, dimensions and conditions. Therefore, the redesigned version of the project follows the same grid and ‘unit’ system logic but now in a different way. As you can see on an uploaded plan I have kept the same grid that follows the vector from the gasholder. In the new version of the design this grid is a guidance for the ‘skeletone’ of the project on which I am panning to put the modified versions of the units and the platforms for the visitors. 

Essentially, the main idea is to keep the structure as lightweight and adaptable as possible. Each unit would accommodate the similar programs as there were previously in the proposal: the aviaries and the rewildingg labs, however in the new version the units will be changing along with the rewilding process as well, for instance there will be a possibility for them to dissolve once the cycle is completed. The design of the unit also highlights that quality.

On the screenshots that I have uploaded you are able to see a part of the redesigned structure. The aim is for it to follow the same pathway as you can see on the plan – therefore it will be quite long but light and delicate. Each one of the educating units will be connected with the others by the platform for the user.

Finally, as for the angle of the 3d section I have been hesitating between the two options (both labelled). As the structure will be growing and will get extended for the next week, I believe that both of the angles are able to show it well and hopefully it will be more clear which angle to choose form that point. 

Also here is an early sketch that might describe my idea a bit better!

Thank you!



part of the structure close up