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April 23, 2021, 12:50 pm
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Hi Ricardo & Nannette!

Hope you guys are doing stellar 😀

Going right to it…

My work references the love story of the famous Renaissance novel/treatise Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, long a cult book among architects and regarded as one of the most enigmatic books ever published. This original version takes place in a forest and exists somewhere in the borderland between fiction, theory and pornography.

The story is a dream within a dream. In my retelling of the narrative, Polyphilo dreams that he is alone in the dark and threatening forest of Epping. His story is a veritable strife for love, an erotic trance of desire.  Along his rugged path in search for his beloved Polia, Poliphilo describes meaningful architectural events, visiting with his sensual imagination magical structures that radically question the supposed reality of geometric space as the scope of ​​human existence. 

I am creating four different creatures of architecture that Polyphilo will come across in his dream. Each one will bring to him a different experience of being in this world.

CREATURE 1 – HYPERTENSION & DISPLACEMENT (experience shown in the draftdrawing)

The first event Poliphilo comes across is a designed space that is not static but in tension

as it integrates the necessity of displacement. As the point of view changes, the displacement generates a dynamic vision of space where the relationship between space and its limits are blurred. Poliphilo, dissociated, is lost in the transfer and in the absence of his beloved almost dies from anguish.


In darkness, a melody guides him to a light.


Leaving behind the ambivalence of the structure, in the clearing he finds a woman. A central body, fractured, opened and animated by tectonic movements. This space of desire wraps his body and reawakens his senses bringing him back to life.


Note: The draft drawing shows the beginning of Poliphilo’s dream, when he finds the first creature in the forest. In the background, I have been trying to show a glimpse of the other creatures, but are yet not visible in the draft. I have been designing the creatures in Rhino –  but most of all, giving it a big thought in the whole retelling of the story. The landscape I designed in Cinema4d, is temporal, as I intend to use cloud point data from Epping Forest for the final edit. 

All my best,

florbex3 ❤