AA Inter 3

April 23, 2021, 3:02 pm
Filed under: 2020-21

Hello Ricardo & Nannette!

Here are some drafts of the design with rendering in progress.

I have researched on the relationship between the two different geographies; the Brazilian Amazon and London, through monitoring deforestation. I have found there is a significance of a tree in being a natural organism that stores CO2, and when it is burnt, the CO2 stored in the tree is released in the atmosphere, contributing to the warming of the planet and pollution. As philosopher Bruno Latour suggested, the idea of mankind manipulating nature and reincorporating it somewhere else is an illusion we have created that nature is outside, but maybe we never were outside of nature. Therefore, the two geographies are interlinked with the idea that one action in the Amazon such as fires will impact the health in another side of the world; London as we all share the same biosphere and ultimately the same planet.

With the renders and design in progress, I may still manipulate the size and interiority.

My aim is to visualise the impact of deforestation through:

  1. Visually: Outer skin attracts pollution over time and may become hairier
  2. Sensory: Deformation of the skin disrupts social activities
  3. Tracing: Leaving traces of imprints of pollution onto surrounding buildings

Activities within creature is educational and hands-on:

Cultivation is at the core to reconnect with the essence of where materials come from that we use every day, and to encourage more local cultivation rather than relying on external importation.

In terms of the structure of the envelope of the architecture, I aim to keep it a mixture of wood and inflatable fabric which would be malleable enough for deformation.

Best wishes,