AA Inter 3

April 23, 2021, 4:28 pm
Filed under: 2020-21

Hi dear Ricardo, dear Nannette,

So far, I have changed my project in terms of scale and location. I have moved to Kings Cross, as it was long so a feeling that I would need to move their as my project is one that is performative. I always wanted it to reach as many people as possible which was why in the first place I located it on Hampstead heath near Parliament Hill for that it was the most “visited” location in the park. Now, I am very happy with the location of Kings Cross- the place in London where most circulation happens underlined by the near by Railway Station. Further more I found great interest for Kings Cross’ history marking the industrial period of London- the 6 Gasholders in Kings Cross which were in active use until the 2000 i believe is for me a great reference point for the ground contamination of the site to the times of its industrial use. The contaminated ground could be treated with the mycelium as a natural bioremediation and so on… Furthermore, I feel like the just finishing/finished development which was going on in Kings Cross( more or less since 2007?) is for me a quite perfect example for the anthropogenic city which i want to build on placing a counter statement right there. The counter Statement would be my project- a radical approach for breaking up the “rigid” “clean” asphalt, concrete development, creating a space with the appearance of a monster like creature. The creature is an organic shaped scaffolding structure composed of sticks which is then draped with mycelium ropes- ropes made from mycelium+substrate which are draped above the scaffolding structure – growing with it together. The idea is here to design a structure with a lifecycle in the sense that the mycelium would degrade with the time and would fall down to the ground serving as a natural bioremediator to the contaminated ground.

Furthermore, in terms of the program of the project, I indicated “two” levels more or less, the one level on the ground being accessible to humans and the one above being non-accessible to humans- for wildlife to sprout. The structure has a clear “main Part” which is the part located on granary square- this part is designed in more complexity and offers more various spatial qualities then the part from the bridge on towards the Stations. This part is more thought of the reaching arms of the creature continuously growing, reaching out to overtaking the streets of the city.

Current state of development: I have come so far modelling the scaffolding structure. I have not yet figured out how ti model the “draped” ropes above the structure- but I’m coming closer 😉 Unfortunately the light thin structure is hard to see on the visualisations in contrast to the bold surrounding built environment. In terms of the section cut, I have thought cutting it in a way that on the left side of the section, you are able to see the cut structure closer, which is the “main part” of the structure as well, and on the right side you would see the extensive structure meandering through the city.

I hope you are able to see something on my very abstract pixelated visuals 😀 and I am looking forward for your feedback!

All the beeeeeest xx Laura!!!!!